“It is only with enhanced productivity 
that you can achieve a work-life balance."


Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work

You have been missing out on dinner dates with family and friends or cancelling your weekend plans in the name of work. You are spending longer hours in the office to clear your ever-increasing work pile as a result of cost-cutting measures in your company. Sounds familiar? Don’t let heavy workload drag you down. Try these tips to help you maximise productivity and efficiency:

Get An Early Start– No matter the amount of work you have, there are only 24 hours in a day. Hence, it is best to start your day early to maximise your work time. Getting to the office earlier than your co-workers allows you to get more done with minimal interruptions before the events of the day kick in. Starting your day early with a fresh mind also means better concentration for increased productivity.

All-important Checklist– A to-do-list helps you get organised. It gives you a perspective of what your day is going to be like. In addition, striking off the items on your list as you work your way down provides a sense of accomplishment and is good motivation to get the job done. A list also serves as a reminder so you do not forget important tasks.

Prioritise, Prioritise, Prioritise– The checklist mentioned earlier is useful as an overview of your work. However, not everything needs to be tackled on the same day. The key to maximising efficiency is to go through the list and assess each item based on urgency. Always tackle the tasks that need your attention first.

Seek Help– If you think that asking for assistance or advice is a sign of weakness, you are more likely to be burdened by heavy workload than anyone else. By seeking help, you may learn a new way to handle a task more efficiently and cut down the time required to finish a job. At Zurich Life Insurance Malaysia, our mentors are willing to advise new recruits and other team members to improve efficiency. It is this spirit which encourages our insurance entrepreneurs to work towards achieving their dreams.

Take a Break– Working long hours doesn’t always equal higher productivity. In most cases, if you are overworked, you tend to make mistakes or slow down your pace. Hence, it is important to take a break in between tasks. A simple activity such as grabbing a cup of coffee or a walk round the block will help refresh your mind and body so that you can perform at your best and complete your work quickly and efficiently.

The fact remains that work is a never-ending cycle. Those who ride this cycle successfully do it the smart way. Don’t let heavy workload stop you from living your life. Stay on top of it by managing your time properly, prioritising intelligently, seeking advice and pacing yourself. It is only with enhanced productivity that you can achieve a work-life balance.