“One who is considering joining this industry must know what he wants,
what he can get and what he must do.”


An architect of her own success

Kang Leong Cheng’s journey from being an architect to a leader in insurance is an interesting one. It is one that reflects her self-determination and can-do spirit. Kang’s story started back in 1991 when then CEO of MMA, Tunku Ya’akob went to Sarawak to recruit a group of agents from other insurance companies. Her friend was one of them. Both husband and wife approached Kang but she wasn’t interested then. Later her husband became an agent and she would attend their weekly meetings when she was free. Even though she wasn’t an agent, Kang tried to talk to her colleagues and friends about what she learned. Kang was encouraged to sit for the PCE examination. In August 1992, Kang became an agent and to her delight, she achieved the quota for the 10th Summit Club Convention to Rome. The following year, for the first time, she went on an overseas holiday for free. Since then she has qualified for the The Summit Club Convention every year.

An architect by training, Kang knew the value of trying’s one’s best in whatever one is doing and being keen to learn. No matter which industry, Kang believes that one thing is the same when it comes to success. Firstly, one has to know what one wants to achieve in life. Then do the planning and design to suit other people’s needs.

From the start, Kang set her sight on achieving MDRT. From 1992 to 2003, she was a part-time agent. Even though she qualified for free trips every year and achieved MDC and SMDC, she was still chasing her dream of MDRT. Kang never gave up, using her energy to attend courses organised by NAMLIFA FLPC. She passed her exams and sailed through her Diploma, Degree and even Masters. She achieved CFPM, ChLP, RFP, FChFP & MscFP (NZ).

In 2004, Kang resigned from architecture to become a full-time advisor. Her achievements since then were nothing short of remarkable. Once she finally got her breakthrough and achieved MDRT in 2004, nothing could stop her. She achieved MDRT from 2004 – 2007, 2009 – 2012 and 2014- 2015. In 2013, she achieved COT for the first time.

Kang believes that going full-time was key to her tremendous breakthrough. She also attributed her success to the many courses she undertook to equip herself with knowledge. Of course she acknowledged her manager, Mr James Bong’s encouragement and leadership. Kang also gives herself a pat on the back for working so hard. Her advice to those who wish to join this industry is “to know what they want, what they can get and what they must do”.

Story of Kang Leong Cheng