What Makes a Millionaire?

If you don’t know who Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg are, you must be living under a rock. However, have you ever wondered what makes these millionaire entrepreneurs so different from you and me? They are not super human nor are they aliens. Then why are they swimming in riches and you are not?

Indeed, there’s something special that sets them apart from the rest of us who are still slogging from paycheck to paycheck. Many do not realise that we have a chance to be like them too by emulating some of their common traits:

Sense of Urgency – These self-made millionaires don’t say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ or ‘Let’s wait and see’. They are doers not procrastinators. They make things happen by acting on their ideas immediately. If you want to be a millionaire, you need to just take your business idea and run with it. Nobody can be rich by just sitting there thinking about it and doing nothing.

The Right Circle – Let’s face it, no one can succeed without a little help from friends. However, it is important to choose your friends wisely. The people around you can either propel you to greater success or drag you down. If you aspire to be a millionaire, always surround yourself with people who can provide guidance as well as challenge and motivate you to think bigger. At Zurich Life Insurance Malaysia, our successful entrepreneurs are always willing and ready to advise and mentor new recruits.

Value Your Time – Time is money. Would-be-millionaires do not waste time on meaningless tasks such as working a nine-to-five job that gives them little reward and no satisfaction. They are focused on leveraging their time to maximise their earnings by creating a steady income stream. With Zurich, you will have the opportunity to earn a good consistent income and the sky is the limit.

Constant Learning – Millionaires never stop learning. They continue to upgrade their knowledge and skills of the industry. At Zurich, we provide comprehensive training programmes for all levels to help our entrepreneurs enhance their skills and knowledge so that they can keep growing their net-worth and wealth.

Take Time Off – Working hard to achieve your dream is great but beware the risk of burning out before you can reach your goals. Taking time off allows you to relax and recharge. Zurich offers attractive travel plan which is part of the incentive programme for entrepreneurs. What better way to motivate and reward yourself with free vacations to exotic locations around the world.

It takes more than just hard work and dedication to be a millionaire. You would need the right support and guidance as well as knowledge, skills and good strategy to realise your dream. It may comfort you to know that millionaires are made, not born. And that you have the same opportunities to be made into one, too.